BOOSTED NIGHTS Texas Streets Released!

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Evo vs Turbo Fox STREET RACE!

A 600+hp Evo battles this turbo LSx Fox on the streets of Florida! The import vs domestic match ups just NEVER get old, and here is a prime example! The Evo is rocking a Precision 6466 paired with S3 cams where the turbocharged Fox Body Mustang does the inevitable... read more

Dirt Road CASH DAYS – Phoenix Streets

CLOSE CALLS and CLOSE RACES made it clear that making BIG numbers doesn’t always make you a winner if you can’t put the power down! This race spot wasn’t exactly ideal for a sticky tire, but Phoenix STREET RACERS embraced the CHALLENGE! With some cars making... read more

Turbo BMW Catches FIRE @ 120MPH

Our photographer Scott hopped in this turbocharged 3 series BMW at Street Car Takeover Indy because he has a massive BMW fetish… he got a little more than he expected when the car’s turbo caught on fire, likely due to an oil leak dripping onto the exhaust... read more

8-Second Twin Turbo Nova – Street Car CHAMP!

This BEAUTIFUL Nova showed up at Street Car Takeover Indianapolis in true street car fashion. In order to compete in the class, all competitors must cruise for 30 miles without any major incidents….proving it’s true street capabilities! The turbos poking out of the... read more

1200hp Twin Turbo STRETCHY TRUCK!

Here it is! Back again at Rocky Mountain Race Week 2015! The “Stretchy Truck” certainly gives us some entertainment every time it pulls up to make a pass. Unfortunately, there were a few bugs that needed to be worked out this time around. Will good pass’s... read more

Turbo Audi S2 – CHUCKIN’ FLAMES!

Oh lawd Jesus it’s a fire! This Audi S2 chucks flames like nobody’s business! Disclaimer: This car unfortunately doesn’t make a good hit, but the flames that were emitting from the fender of this Audi were down right GLORIOUS! We couldn’t help but pull this out of the... read more

2200HP Brain-Rattling PROCHARGED Chevy Nova!

TIME and EFFORT, were clearly a big part of this build we found at Street Car Takeover – Phoenix! We caught up with Glen Bolz of Hot Rods by Glen as he tested his new suspension setup to dial it in before Street Car Super Nationals and got a taste of what this... read more

9 second TURBO Lexus SC300!

This car got us through Rocky Mountain Race Week with it’s incredible turbo noises, trailer-pulling burnouts, and breakdowns all along the way. We’re sure the boys at WISE Motorsports didn’t expect to be pulling the the transmission out of their 2JZ powered Lexus... read more

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